Show Me Your Frequency!

Show me your frequency by creating a post of a quick video (minimum 15 seconds) showing yourself doing something in your element while playing my new song Frequency in the background.

It could be you creating a Tiktok dance, hiking, getting dressed for a night out, hula hooping, cooking an amazing dish....whatever! Just keep it PC!I I used my song to share some running vibes for my frequency from one of my socials!

Next, tag me @allcharlesmoss and hashtag #CharmoFreq so that I can see and feel your frequency! I'll share you amongst my social media platforms for blessing us with your dope vibes!


Add Frequency to your Spotify playlists, Shazam it so others will know that they are on the right frequency too! Like, share, and subscribe to all things Charles Moss as there are more things to come and I don't want you to miss it!

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