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Singer, songwriter, actor, and business entrepreneur Charles Moss, did not see himself approved to be an artist when he released the single "Frequency". He stated that he didn't feel like an artist. "I didn't feel like I was in an artist space once I moved to Florida. Florida sort of thrusted me out of that space, however I was still diligent in recording and writing music, but nothing was ever completed". Moss would eventually go through 6 years of not writing and recording a song to completion. Step into the frequency with Charles as he shares a few ideas that got him back into recording music again and his thoughts on the current state of the world.

Always trust the flow

Some parts of the journey have to be done alone. Away from family and friends. Right now it's important for me to continue growing into who I need to be and sometimes you gotta leave and just not tell anyone. This is what I would call "artist development". At least for me, it's important that I have my own identity and self expression. So many people struggle with anxiety because in the world that we live in now, there is this need to know everything. Sometimes it's good not to know and just flow. I always trust the flow.

The way I made music changed

When I stopped making it for other people and went deeper into my own personal experiences. It didn’t matter exactly what was trendy to me. I saw that those styles would fade eventually on to the next trend, and so forth. I stuck with my original element which is R&B or what some people who have supported my music say “90’s R&B”. That is my blueprint and my foundation. This basic element of the "rhythm and blues" is what ultimately created all the trends that tend to repeat every 20 years or so. I discovered for me, songwriting is a just another extension of my being, this need to creatively document my journey. Writing has always been a gift for me since very young.

The music I have been creating now, tap into deeper insights of my life as I have been taking alot more intimate moments from it to create the music. When I released "Frequency", I wasn't in an "artist state of mind", however the universe said let people meet me where I am artistry is all connected to where we are in our lives currently. Music is personal for me, so timing is everything and just trusting where and how it takes me. Making music for other people alone just wouldn't be enough, although I do write and record music for other musicians and producers.

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Music has always been first since I was 9, trying to teach myself how to sing in the bathroom until I got a headache from just basically "screaming" until exhaustion… but along the journey life throws things that can distract you away. This is why your “why” has to be stronger. Life changes, family and personal relationships, business endeavors, the highs and lows of life are seasons that come into your life and can either elevate or devastate you. But all of these aspects were important to how I poured myself into the music I make now, verses 10 years ago.

"I didn't feel like I was in an artist space once I moved to Florida. Florida sort of thrusted me out of that space, however I was still diligent in recording and writing music, but nothing was ever completed"

- Charles Moss, Artist

What is a why?

Your why is that one thing that would get you out of bed even when you have nothing more to give. Interestingly, music is not my why, but it's a vital and important aspect of it. Your why will get challenged and tested, so your training is important for the win. Your “Why” must be be strong enough to endure even the toughest challenges or changes in your life.

When I moved to Florida, I had to do a complete reset. My music equipment, computer, were all old and not compatible. I had to purchase a brand new computer, music equipment and relearn certain things as everything had changed since I last recorded about 6 years prior, including putting music on streaming platforms. Streaming has become a game changer, and if music was going to be a part of my life, then I needed to learn and understand how it worked and how to best navigate through it. I'm still learning, but I'm glad I took the steps to release music during this Wild West time we are living in right now.

Your “Why” comes from your personal core base understanding of the concept of love for yourself. If you know a person’s why, you know who they are. I'm learning from my why that I don't give up easy on things that I truly love. Love has levels and seasons. It can be a constant or a phase of life. Either way, when your love is constant, it doesn't matter what gets in the way, you will always find a way to keep moving toward it, like a light or star in the midnight sky. Forward is where the reward to your why will be found. How strong your why is will determine how long we will endure to pursue it.

The world needs

More intimate moments of life. Not just death or destruction that is frequently and consistently being presented to the general public. Our levels of intimacy are what connect humanity together. Intimacy does not mean just being sexual, although true intimacy brings the sexual experience to whole new levels of expressing pure bliss and a sense of spiritual transcendence. It's about sharing more raw human expression without judgement. No matter where you're from, everyone wants to be heard. I hope to express that in my connections with others as well as the art I can create. Pursue more intimate moments with other people.

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