Charles Moss

"It's real for me once I allow myself to connect with it. By allowing myself the opportunity to connect with the flow of the character, I believe this truly gives the character 'real' life."

Charles In Charge

Born in Kansas City, KS, and as a military kid, was raised in such states like Texas, South Dakota, and Missouri. A graduate of the University of Central Missouri, Charles Moss is a compelling young actor, writer, singer and songwriter whose credits have began to span to both television and feature film.

Moss began his love for acting at very young age. At the age of 6, Moss recited a Bible verse at Church in front of a live congregation completely memorized. Because of his calm and confident demeanor in front of the congregation, Moss was requested several times to recite Bible scriptures.

Moss’ creative gifts spanned to other areas as well with writing. At the age of 8, Moss wrote his first song entitled “Little Girl of Mine”. Around the same time, Moss had his first short story published in the local newspaper.

Moss went on to do several plays in the community honing his craft and feeding his desire to express himself creatively. Moss also began singing and performing at local talent shows and community events around Kansas City, MO. Eventually, Moss would make the decision to pursue his talents further in the entertainment industry and move to Los Angeles, CA.

After graduating from college with a degree in Commercial Art, Moss headed to Los Angeles in the fall of 2008 to work in Corporate America for a couple of years. However, it wasn't long before his desire to realize the acting and writing ambitions of his childhood became undeniable.

Within the next couple of years, he landed spots on independent films like “Convincing Clooney” and working on several other independent projects. Moss has also been on such television shows as “Franklin and Bash”, “New Girl”, “CSI:NY” and “Castle”. Musically, his song “Waitin” was featured on independent film “Black Devil Dolls”.

Moss continues to study and hone his craft getting better, and more defined with each project he takes on. With Moss’ career just taking off, expect to see many more great things from this talented actor, writer, singer, and songwriter in the years to come.

2010 - present

2010 - present